Our mission is to introduce a culture of healthy and environmentally conscious living among the Maltese population. By giving our services, we are catering for today’s busy lifestyles by providing pre-prepared, nutritionally balanced, healthy meals and treats. In doing so, we also aim to promote an environmentally conscious living by using recyclable and reusable packaging, encouraging our clients to take part in recycling efforts as well as reduce our carbon footprint through locally sourced ingredients. 

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  • Order Online

    Choose your preferred plan, let us know of your dietary/taste requirements & submit your order online!

  • Chef Prepared Meals

    Professionally prepared, our meals are chosen for you based on your needs from the week's menu

  • Delivered for Free

    We deliver for free & ensure you have enough time to sort & defrost the meals before the week starts!

  • Thaw, Re-Heat & Eat!

    Choose the meals for the following day, allow to thaw, re-heat & eat - it's that simple!

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