Weight Management Classes

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    Our classes our based on a weight management manual which we have developed with the help of several professionals in the field & also based on our 7 year experience in the meal prep business. Help us personalise this experience by filling in the questionnaire below!

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    You can opt to buy just the manual or you can sign up to our one on one classes!

    Our classes are delivered either online or in-person at your own place or a place of your choosing. 

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    In your manual, you will find a personalised chart from which you can choose options to build your meals based on your goals. This will enable you to build your 'meal plan' with our guidance.

  • We don't just provide a meal plan

    • You will learn how to create healthier versions of your favourite recipes. 
    • You will learn how to read nutritional labels
    • You will learn about proper portion sizes
    • You will learn balance in nutrition
  • We take a holistic approach

    Rather than just looking at weight management from a single angle - that of the kitchen & dieting, our classes take a holistic approach by integrating the judicious use of supplements, tips about exercise, mental health, menstruation (if applicable), lifestyle and all other factors which effect your weight. 

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    Our classes come with a discounted price when booking more than one class, the more bookings, the lower the price.

    Apart from that, we also prepared a set of discounted packs from our meal prep/delights/frozen savouries section which can provide you with a helping hand in the kitchen at a lower cost.

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Let's talk healthy weight management!

Interested? Fill in our questionnaire below so we can get started on building your weight management manual! You can buy your manual & book your sessions after filling this questionnaire by visiting the product page below the questionnaire or following the link when submitting the form.