We are 100% Gluten Free!

We pride ourselves in being one of the very few celiac friendly kitchens in Malta! 

Understanding the need for delicious & tasty gluten free foods, we have taken it upon ourselves to design a menu which focuses on naturally gluten free foods such as fresh fruits & vegetables, meats, nuts & gluten free grains! Apart from those items, we have also spent years researching how to make the best gluten free pastries on the islands, which taste incredibly similar to non-gluten free foods!

In order to be able to sell to the celiac population on the islands, we've had to take some extra measures to ensure that absolutely no traces of gluten can be found in our foods. You can learn more about the steps taken below:

Certified Ingredients

We use only certified gluten free ingredients made and/or packed in factories where no gluten is handled and have gone under scrutiny for any possible gluten contamination. This includes keeping a record of the data sheets of all items used, given by the factory or suppliers.

Contaminant Free

We ensure that absolutely no gluten or ingredients with any gluten traces enter our kitchen. This also includes removing outside packaging in a different area, providing in house lunches for our staff, ensuring that our biodegradable packaging is not made from wheat or other gluten containing stuff and rinsing off any fresh produce before it enters the kitchen.

Proper Training

We ensure that our team is properly trained to handle gluten free foods by holding frequent training sessions, emphasising the importance of proper hygiene as well as the importance of eliminating any outside cross contamination. Our staff is also trained in the proper handling of any newly arrived supplies, including de-packaging, cleaning and checking data sheets/labels.

Daily Clean Attire

Gluten can be carried into the kitchen on clothing - to eliminate the contamination risk our staff is provided with clean uniforms daily which are worn at the shop. This will eliminate any particles from being carried in this way.

Regular Swab Tests

Random swab tests which check for gluten are done regularly, swabbing work surfaces, hands, ingredients, utensils & finished products. These swabs give us results in minutes & assures us that the kitchen is free of any contamination.

Laboratory Testing

Apart from swabs, random samples of our foodstuffs are regularly sent to a laboratory to check for any gluten traces.

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